Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Echo's Purse 1/8/07

I made this purse for my sister for Christmas. She has a very funky 70's type style. The outside of the purse is a teal vinyl, the inside is a swirly rainbow fabric that I got out of a clearance bin, a vintage like button with the silhouette of a woman was used for the closure, and grommets were used to make the scrunching effect on the sides. She likes the purse, so I guess I did okay.

Two full-views of the purse.

A crappy picture of the button.

Here is the side scrunch effect using grommets and a teal strip to pull them all together.

And last, here is the funky swirly material used for the lining.

The bag was made completely from scratch with no pattern used. Just kind of guessed what would be good dimensions from pictures of purses that are in style now. Plus she's got a toddler so she could always use a little extra room in there for who knows what.

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