Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Knitting Needle Case 3/1/07

I got tired of having my needles loose in a bag and didn't really care for most of the cases I saw to purchase, so I decided to make one that functions how I want it to.

Please click on thumbnails to see larger pic.

The inside, all rolled out. There is technically three layers, an outer fabric, batting, and the inner fabric. The trim is black bias binding, so are the straps to close it.

A view of the DPN side and the regular needle side. The needles are held down with strips of elastic covered with a purple knit material over it.

A close-up of the loops.

My only regret is not making it quite tall enough, unfortunately my DPNs ends are closer together than I like.

A view of the trim and the backing, the backing pic is a bit blurry, but better pics down further.

It simply rolls up and I used the strips to wrap around it and fold in under the flap.

Overall, very pleased with how it worked out. I tried to sew the lines on the regular needles side without guidelines and thought I was doing okay, until I was done and realized they were slightly crooked, so the DPN side was sewn with lines drawn with the disappearing ink pens. Hope you enjoy.

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