Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First Socks 10/8/07

My first pair of completed socks. I make this distinction because I did make a baby practice sock before, but it has no match. Also, I attempted to make socks for my mother before and I got almost done with the pair when I realized I missed an essential decrease on both socks . . . don't ask me how I missed it twice. Anyways, I took them all out, they were a more complex pattern and decided I needed something more simple because if I started the more complex ones over again, I would probably cry.

Just click the pics to see larger ones.

These socks were knit with MODA-DEA silk and wool blend in the color Wasabi, knitted on size four needles. The pattern is from http://www.geocities.com/destashing/patterns/102701.htm
Liked the pattern, although there are a couple of misprints in the bracketed stitch counts. They were made for my mother in a size 7-8.

Overall, really liked working with the yarn. The pattern was quick and easy, I knitted them on my walks to and from school. Would definitely make again, but in a larger size for myself.

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