Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lovely Spinning 8/21/07

I had an interest in spinning but not enough to go out and get anything yet. When my mother decided she wanted to learn how so spin and she would like someone to learn with her. Since I am the only one of her daughters who really does any crafts I got the privilege of learning. She bought the kits to learn and I bought the extra roving. I just started spinning the extra roving that was purchased, but here is my first 1ply spun yarn from the kit.

As always, click the pics to see larger ones.

It's a little uneven and a little too thick, but I am pleased with my first attempt. The stuff I am spinning now is plain un-dyed roving and has a lovely farm smell to it. Any who, I am working on making it more even and thinner so I can try to ply it together.

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