Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My first Sweater 8/21/07

I had finished this sweater about a month ago, but with moving and all it didn't get the attention it deserved as an FO. After all the unpacking and finding it again I am ready to show it to the world.

As always, click on the pics to see them larger.

Pattern :Split Neckline from Fitted Knits

Yarn: Red Heart in Mint Green and Med or Dark Purple

Needles: size 7 or 8

Modifications: Changes the sleeves to be a bit longer and the trim I changed. I also did it is strips instead.

Future Modifications: If I made this again, I would lower the neckline, when picking out the pattern I didn't pay attention to how high it rose up on the neck, which I don't like. I would make it a little shorter, maybe 4 or so inches. Would have made the strips go a little higher on my chest. I would have decreased the amount of stitches under the armpit, makes it a little too baggy. And lastly I would have made the hole in the neckline smaller as you can see my bra quite well.

Overall, think the sweater turned out pretty good for my first time and am quite satisfied with it. Also helped me learn what to pay attention to in the next pattern I choose.

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