Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pink Dress 7/14/07

My niece turned four this June. So I of course had to make her another princess dress. Since the last one was orange, this one was pink and white. Hopefully I will be able to show pictures of her in it, if I receive some. *wink, wink* . . . do you think they understood the hint?

As always, click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture.

The overall dress, a shiny, slippery pink with the same kind of material underneath, only white. A bit of a pain to sew sometimes, frays like crazy. Had to do all of the seams with a 'french' seam I think it is. Where you sew in on the wrong side, turn it around and sew that seam inside of a seam. Definitely took some time.

The back of the dress with the white zipper because I couldn't find a pink one that I thought matched enough so I figured since there was some white in the dress too that it wouldn't look too tacky. You can kind of see here that the bottom is a full white skirt with two half circles of pink on each side.

Lastly we see a close up of the front of the top and a close up of the bottom of the dress. Overall, I was very happy with the way dress turned out, wish I hadn't procrastinated as much as I had. Even though, the material was a pain in the but to work with, I would definitely do it again, because I think the outcome was worth it.

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