Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First Socks for Me 5/06/08

These are the first socks I have actually made for myself, which was a different type of learning lesson, since I actually had the feet they were intended for near. Everyone else I have made socks for lives on the other side of the US, so it is quite different.

This yarn was actually part of a Louet sock dye kit. I used their dye in the kit to dye the yarn, but didn't actually care for the sock pattern that was in the kit . . . partially because it was written for feet that are smaller than my feet. Definitely not a size 7, oh well. I love this yarn and the colors much better knitted up. I will admit, I didn't really care for the colors when I had dyed the yarn, but I really do love it all knitted up.

Anyways, details:

Content: 100% wool from Louet Gems dye kit
Needles: 2US . . .2.75mm
Gauge: 7st = 1"
Pattern: Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch, 6-stitch Waterfall Rib

Overall, I learned the I like some negative ease in my socks. I made these to fit all of my measurements and they are just a little too loose, especially after they have been worn for a couple hours.

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