Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mommes Lysedug 5/14/07

I made this doily for my sister, without realizing just how long it would take me to do it. My attention span is not the greatest, so this one would get set down to work on shorter things and so it was a little late for a Christmas present . . . like 3 months late . . .oops. I think it was worth it though, but why don't you decide.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger pics.
Yarn: Royale Rave Crochet
Color: Bone
Contents: 96% acrylic and 4% nylon
Needles: US 4
Pattern: Mommes Lysedug
Modifications: No modifications were made intentionally, but I under estimated the yarn I would need and ran out and was unable to get more, so I ended the doily around line 74 of the pattern and added a ruffled cast off to the edges.

Overall, the pattern turned out beautifully, but the yarn was a little bit of a pain to deal with. In the end, I would definitely try to find this yarn again to do something similar.

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