Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dyed Roving 10/8/07

My very first time using the Wiltons icing dyes. Loved them! Kool-aid is still nifty and I will probably still use that, but the Wiltons I can get such a better color range. Pic heavy.

Click pics to see larger pics.


This one is dyed with red, black, and green. It is made so the red and green do not touch each other, only the black. This was dyed for my mother as these are her favorite colors, the color is named after her.

Deep Waters

blues, greens, black


Fire Orange

Emerald Gem

Bruising Blow

Fallen Leaves

These next ones aren't roving, but yarn that was given to me to see if I could save it. It has been in a closet at the school I attend for who knows how many years and had started to mold in a few places. It was a creamy white color, so I dyed it along with the roving after I had washed and dried it to make sure the mold hadn't completely taken over the cone. The mini skeins did not take the dye evenly even though vinegar had been added, but I thought they turned out to be lovely variations.

Deadly Orange

Beach Blue

Mud Puddle

Cut Grass

Plum Puree

That's all folks. *smile*

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