Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Headbands 10/28/07

All of these headbands were made for my sister Echo for Christmas. All of the patterns were made up by myself, although a couple of the stitch patterns are from books.

None of these are shown on a person because my sisters head is smaller than mine, evidently I have quite a large head . . . trust me we won't go into that. Maybe she will send me some pics of her wearing them after she gets them for Christmas.

Most of them I can't remember what hooked I used, I failed to think I may care to replicate these in the future so the patterns and hook size are lost in the oblivion of never being written down. Blah, trust me, I know better now.

This one was made out of blue crochet cotton. The circles were made individually and after the band was made they were secured onto the band. The circles are made up of double crocheting into a chained circle. Behind the circles is just a simple filet crochet backing and the bottom of the head band is single crochets.

This purple shell headband is also made out of crochet cotton, but purple. I used a basic shell pattern, but slightly deviated from it. The top and bottom of the design are just single crochets. The back band part are rows of double crochet.

This cables and lace headband is yet also made out of crochet cotton(surprise, surprise!), but it is teal and was knitted. The name in the middle was a pattern I made up to spell out her name in lace manner. It was the first lace pattern of any sort that I had made up, I know it's not complex, but in all honesty, I am pretty darn proud of myself. It has cables going out the sides into what looks like an i-cord, but is not, it's just four knit stitches that curled upon themselves on the sides.

Lastly we have a knitted forest green headband, made with red heart acrylic yarn. The top part is the rib stitch "Double Eyelet Rib" from The Harmony Guides Vol 2. The back was done by knitting two rows, purling two rows, and repeat.

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