Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Twinkletoes 7/14/07

To go with my niece's Princess Dress, I made her a pair of Knitty's Twinkletoes. I will have to make them again, because evidently she is big for her age and they didn't fit her, but any who . . .

As always, click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture.

I had fun making them, they were they first "sock type" item I had ever made. Plus I learned something very useful here. I had always thought that I twisted my stitches either on purling or knitting, but not on both, because it only shows up every other row. Never really cared and thought that it looked just find the way it was. However, twinkletoes was the first thing I made where I had to both work in the round and work back and forth on an item, well the twisted stitches showed glaringly on the back and forth work with only perfect knit stitches on the 'in the round' work. So I learned that I twist my purl stitches and with the help of some previous post about these I learned how to not twist my purl stitches. My camera is kind of crappy, but you can definitely tell the difference in this picture, even if it is not clear.

A good learning experience and will be making another pair soon. They were made with Caron, in light pink.

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