Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mother's Journal 7/14/07

I had originally wanted to do something more complex with my mother's journal, but my skills in another area are really no where near where they would need to be for me to do that. After a very sad attempt at a little wood working, I went back to my cardboard and fabric. This one is made a little different than the previous one I made in that this time I sewed each paper section by hand this time and did not use my sewing machine. Granted the sewing machine worked wonderfully well last time, I wanted to learn a new technique.

As always, click the thumbnails to get a bigger picture.

Here is the front. I chose this fabric because my mother likes pond type stuff. The caterpillar and butterfly on the top of the fabric are tatted pieces that I made and then attached with some very strong fabric glue.

Here is the back, again with a tatted butterfly and caterpillar.

Lastly a picture of the first page and a look at the pages in the middle. I enjoyed making this one and would love to spend more time on making books to learn some new techniques. Again on this one, the pages have printed lines on them made from Word and my printer.

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