Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Haida Spindle 12/7/07

This spindle was made for my mother so she would have a lighter top-whirl spindle to do some spinning on. I made a Haida frog on the top. I am originally from the Pacific Northwest and that is around the area where Haida art is from. I chose the frog because my mother loves frogs.

To create the design I researched some different Haida frog designs and took aspects from some of them and other parts are my own creation using the Haida technique. The spindle is created from a down and a light wooden disk. I used acrylics and an acrylic staining medium for the green and just black acrylic for the rest. I unfortunately could not find a black hook. I am not sure how much it weighs, but I have one similar that I can spin incredible fine singles on.

Click the thumbnails if you would like to see them larger.

This is a picture of the disk before it was drilled, the notch cut, and the black bottom painted.

A few more detail shots.

I also have some new yarn that I have spun, called Tropical Sunrise. Two-ply, one with reds, yellows, and oranges and the other one is a medium to darker blue. Spun on a spindle.

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