Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Annabelle's Toys 8/21/07

My mom just got a kitten a couple of months ago so I decided to make Annabelle some house warming gifts.

As always, click the pics to see bigger ones.

I know the first pic is a little blurry but I like it cause it looks like the kitty is running. This was a knitting pattern on the web, which I seem to have lost the link for now, if anyone has the link I would love to put it in my post so others know and to give credit.

Used this yarn from JoAnn Fabrics by Sensations called Bellezza Collection Margherita in orange, its soft like a bath towel, made from 69% nylon and 31% acrylic. The cat is stuffed with catnip and stuffing.

This is the kitty with a few other toys made for Annabelle, but the other toys are crocheted. The crocheted items are made with King Tut yarn, a nice feeling cotton yarn. The next item, Annabelle's blanket, is also made with King Tut yarn.

Both back and front are show, made it so my mother could pick which side she likes best. Enjoyed making those, I definitely need to get pets. *smile*

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