Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Yarn 9/1/07

Okay, okay, so the subject headline is not exactly the most accurate description. However, it is the first real yarn of a sort that I have created.

During my second attempt of spinning I decided that I was just going to keep spinning roving until I could get a thin and consistent yarn. When I had done that to my satisfaction I decided that I would then ply that yarn with itself. I unwound the yarn onto two dowels, one side ended up being the more obvious "learning" yarn, while the other dowel was the smaller and better spun single. I plied them together on my drop spindle. Since there was a little left over on the dowel which contained the better spun single, I decided to try the Navajo plying technique. Which I have to say, I definitely love it. Less complication on a spindle than the multi-plying.

Click pics for larger ones.

So first off is the Navajo Plying, simply because I was so very happy with it.

Next is the yarn of many different thicknesses due to the learning curve explained above.

First, before the setting of the twist . . . not that there is much difference afterwards.

And afterwards . . .

I know, I know, way too many pics, but this is my very first real yarn and I am a little too proud of it. Thank you for indulging me and my yarn.

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