Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Spinning 10/8/07

All are spun on spindles and all are Navajo plied, so they are all 3-ply yarn, except for the Raspberry-Blackberry Swirl, black cotton sewing thread was held with the single when it was plied, so it is a 6-ply yarn.
These are all hand dyed with either Kool-aid or Wiltons dyes.

Formerly known as Raspberry Swirl in its life as roving, now known as:
Grape Slushy (10wpi @ 3ply)

Orange Cream (14wpi @ 3ply)

Raspberry Lemonade Ice (10wpi @ 3ply)

Formerly known as Tootie Fruity in its former life as roving, now known as:
Pastel Sunrise (14wpi @ 3ply)

Formerly known as Cherry Sherbet in its former life as roving, now known as:
Raspberry-Blackberry Swirl (16wpi @ 6ply)

Shirley (12wpi @ 3ply)

I think I have improved greatly. This is all the spinning I have done since my previous post. I have found that I love to spin very fine singles. At first I thought this was highly impractical, after all, what it the world am I going to do with such thin yarn? But I realized that is what I enjoy spinning though, so I will figure out something or it will sit there as pretty yarn. Some of them are all ready set for tatting projects, since I think it is very nifty that I can make my own colors for tatting projects now. Thanks for looking, any comments appreciated.

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