Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Patches of Love 6/16/06

So my latest sewing project that has been completed were blankets made for Patches Of Love. It is a group of people who take blankets to orphanages in other countries. One can either make patches and send them in and the group will send them out to other volunteers to put them together as blankets or one can make the whole blanket themselves. I did both and here they are.

To see each picture larger, just click on the the picture.


This picture shows the back design and a bit of the front patches. This quilt they send me everything to put it together and I got to decided how I wanted the patches arranged. I sewed it all together and they require that also has ties so it is more durable, so I also did that.


This is a close-up on some of the patches.


This is the front.


This is the back and a little of the front of the second one, this one is also one where they sent me everything to put together.


A close-up of the patches one the second one.


The whole front of the second one.


This last one I made the patches and made the blanket. This is a view of the back and a bit of the front, like the others.


A close-up on the patches. Each patch I drew designs on it with fabric paint, none are solid lines though, only dots. I did the dots because I thought the looked more interesting than a solid line, plus I didn't want too much fabric paint on the quilt in general so it was still mostly soft on the top.


Here is a full view of the front.

I liked the quilt that I made the patches to and everything so much that I am tempted to make myself a larger version of it. *smile*

Anyhow, that is all for today.

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